Wipe clean clothes for little ones on the go.


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olivers-madhouse  Review April 2014

"...I have been making Joshua wear so I can wash repeatedly over the month (10 washes in) and it's still looking great, no cracking or fading which I think is super as it's still looking new (I washed at 30 degrees on a quick wash).  The character is completely wipe clean and we have wiped off baked beans, jam and water to name a few of the things we have tacked with it and I can confirm we have easily wiped them off with no residual marks... and water just runs down the front and does not hand around the neck line! Which made me wish we had one of these for Joshua at that super soggy stage they go through as babies with the cutting teeth and dribbling!"

amummytoo  Review April 2014

"I am totally enamoured by this new product, developed by a London based mum of two boisterous boys.


BibTs are 100% organic, fair trade tops which feel super soft but are also wipe-clean, right up to the collar line, so your toddler feels comfortable and stays clean all day.  The BibT effortlessly resists food, paint, mud, drink and dribble. And Miss J adores hers.


The BibT currently comes in four designs, the lio you see Miss J modelling above, the bee and owl you see below, plus a cute cloud design - and all suitable for boys and girls alike."  Review April 2014


"The bibT has a very soft t-shirt base which I found hard to imagine until I had one in my hands. The cotton is 100% organic supersoft and I can tell you that it feels really nice to the touch."  

missing-sleep March 2014

"A decent bib is essential with little ones who are messy things, eating, drinking, crafting, they literally get covered in chaos! Clothes get ruined and stained which is most unfortunate and a little wasteful.


"You do not want to restrict your children embracing what the world has to offer them but you would like to think their clothes would survive the adventure. The bibT should have been in my life since the boys were 6 months old then I could have wiped lean all the mess and saved myself a fortune on clothes.The prints are eye catching and appealing to children, My 2 would grumble if I tried to dress them appropriately for a crafting session, refusing those wipe clean aprons, but these cotton tops are super soft and extra cute so I am sure my 2 would have had no arguments wearing them! You can tell that this producT was designed and developed by mums it is so practical but not boring in the least! Toddlers need to love the look of something to come on board with an idea... otherwise they will do what they want even if that means covering themselves in dinner or paint!" March 2014


"I have to admit when I first heard of bibT I thought 'another bib company, what's new?' then I took another look and was immediately drawn to their designs, Being that they are beautiful items of clothing anyway I started to think of what the merits of having a T shirt that doubles as a bib and realised there were lots! Bibs are not just for babies, my son (who is over two) regularly spills things on himself, be it food, water, paints or mud! I never bother to put a bib over his clothes anymore so this does often result in a change of top at some point throughout the day. What I really love about this idea is that they are practical, ethical and beautiful."

this-mummy-loves April 2014

Some comments on bibT's fab Mumpreneur feature on the hugely successful blog...


"What cute designs! My two were so messy and dribbly I just went through a dozen tops a day." Vicky


"What a fantastic idea! My youngest loves the stripey lion :) xx" Jenny


"This is such a great product idea. Love the designs." Rebecca U


"These are a great idea better than carrying around a few tops for the kids to change." Zoe R